Friday, July 15, 2011

AfroFunkyDiscoSoul Vs Superstar Vs Heartbeat

Its 5:30am and I step out of my house, ready for work. It’s always a long journey (we all know how Lekki traffic is) so I slot in my ear piece and get ready for it. I love my music and have loved it for a while. I’m always with my earphones, much to the disappointment of my folks who believe that it isn’t ‘matured’ behaviour to walk aroud with earphones but it has become an addiction. #nuffsaid
Occasionally I get tired of the songs on my phone and want something fresh. Sometimes, I’m lucky, other times I’m not but hey, you can’t have ‘em all can you. Recently however, I’ve been very lucky to have three different artists, who govern my recently added playlist. They are Wizkid, DJ Klem and Darey Art Alade.
WIZKID – While I’ve not always been a fan of this young artist, I have to acknowledge his beats. Makes me wanna go back in time to my Unilag days when I was burning up the clubs (your babe try o, badt dancer like me…. Anyways, my fav, fav, song on his Superstar album has to be Gidi Gal… Chai. What can I say, the song is something else. When I first heard it , It was on constant repeat. The beat, the everything (lyrics isn’t wiz’s strong suit buh dis wasn’t bad)….what more can I say? Y’all need to listen to that track. The rest are Wiz Party, What you Wanna do (my present Ringtone), For Me ft Wande black and Wad up (tho I’m not too excited about wad up sha).

DAREY - *shivers* in a good way o. The boy try o. From Belly (a personal fav that makes me think about doing things) to Sisi Eko, Elevate Ya, Never say Never, Maybe Baby, Pillow…. Should I continue or do you get the peansure??? Good, I knew you would. What I can say is…… I CAN WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND!!!

DJ KLEM – I had to save this for last. You know what they say about saving the best for last. I doubt that anything I say would full convey how I feel towards this abum. ALL the songs on this album are marvelous in my estimation – if you don’t like it, kill ram with your bare teeth or grind pepper with your teeth, I don’t care but mehn….. I love, love, love Still Need You. It appeals to the 14yr old in me that scoped the 18yr old boy living down my street. Disco Boogie is a perfect mix of everything I would want to hear in a song, even if I don’t know half of what the Yoruba there means buh the beat? Classic. Farabale, nko? Right Hand, Victorious, ABC?.... Yall need to listen to this. Rush as if Tsunami is pursuing you and download your own at

Its almost 5:00pm, the best time of the entire day #lazy ghel like me and tho there might be traffic (I rebuke it in Jesus Name), I know that there are three funky men waiting just to keep me company. Aren’t I the luckiest girl?