Monday, March 7, 2011


She was hungry.... so very hungry. She sat a few meters away and watched the children kick an empty tin of milk amongst each other. She marveled at their carefree attitude even in this dire situation that they were in. They were in an orientation camp. She wasn't sure of their exact location, she had ceased trying when they took her brother from her. It had been months since she saw her brother and she ached everytime she thought of him. She promised her dying mother that she would take care of him and she had failed...woefully. She tried not to think about how he had been forcibly taken from her to join the guriella fighters. He was but a child, barely twelve years old but that didn't deter them, he was a man and owed it to his country to fight. She remembered his face, void of emotion as they took him away, it was expressionless, the eyes of a child who had seen and experienced too much, too fast.
                   *                                                *                                         *
She hadn't eaten in days. Her only source of food, her "friends" had deserted her, stating oh-so-explicitly that if she wanted to eat she had to learn how to hustle. She didn't blame them, situation dictated your attitudes to certain things but she wasn't sure she could do what they did.

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