Monday, March 28, 2011

The Innuendo Saga

I sat at the cafeteria with my married friend. She was telling me about Mr. Lateef and what he said to her earlier and she was pissed. i told her that i didn't understand why she was taking the issue so seriously, afterall all he said was "...hope you don't have any other boyfriend in this office except me o." She and the other occupants at our table smiled at me and i knew instantly that there was something that i didn't know... It was at this time that i was given the innuendo lecture.
I'm an easy going fellow, i like to think that with me, what oyu see is what you get (i hope) but i seriously would not go the extra mile for you except i know that you are worth it. I also like to think that since i have no hidden agenda and am open with most of my friends, that they would give me the same courtesy, right? WRONG!!!! There is alot of sneakiness going around that i wasn't aware of and my friends finally decided to take the cloak off my eyes. I was made to realise the following facts:
1.We are in a media house so the tatafo/ Amebo levels are higher than normal. In others words, a casual hello to the head chef at the cafeteria would automatically make you his girlfriend two hours later. Relationships (casual ones) are made carefully. You don't talk to anyone any how and if someone is being very persistent about beinh your friend, you have to measure the right kind of coldness you would infuse into your hellos so as not to pass across the wrong message.
2. When a fellow colleage makes a playful remark about wanting to date you or, in some rare cases, jokes about doing stuff to you, chances are he isn't joking and if you smile back and return the joke you are giving him the 'greens', if you know what mean. In other words, Jokes are, em, not jokes so don't be decieved. They are hidden message sent out to unsuspecting girls like us to smile at and get unwittingly tangled in things we didn't bargain for.

Hearing this was like having cold water poured on your back in harmattan season. i began to wonder at all my male friends at my work place and what hidden messages they might have semt out and i must have unwittingly encouraged. I mentally sat down and began to review and i came to the conclusion that the only way to test this theory was to watch
watch out for these male friends of mine to see if they acted in a manner that was slightly more than friendly. My friends were right. I began to notice things that i originally wrote of as jokes. Needless to say that sometimes Ignorance is indeed bliss. Now i'm in a postion of having to right these (in my honest opinion) abnormal relationships. Heaven help me!

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