Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LOST....for a minute there.

So im at the office, alot of work to do and alot of people on my case. Im trying to remain sweet and smily when all i really want to do is scream and slap some faces. I wonder why peeps seem to think that they can take advantage of a smiling face, if only they knew how much teeth lay behind the smile.....(deep breaths jessica, deep breaths). I need a way out and soon, if not, i'll run out of this ofice screaming at the top of my lungs and ripping off my clothes. So i ignore all the work i have to do, pick up my good ol' flash and start to go through my pictures. It is my failsafe mode of escape, running to the safety of the memories of the pictures. I smile o-so-wistfully as i view the photo tagged the morning after.....
                                 *                                             *                                         *
It was a sunny saturday and i lay on my bed watching everyone packing to go home, Moji to Gowon estate, Kemi to Surulere, Onna to Alausa. i didn't want to go home cause i had my project to write and i knew that going home will be the end of my project writing dreams. So i watched them thinking about what i was to do to occupy myself. i didn't have a boyfriend at the time so there was no one to call to take me out besides i just wasnt in the mood. (heck, half of the time, i don't know what im in the mood for...). " So what are you going to do all weekend?" Onna asks. I sigh and shift on my bed. i don't even know the answer to the question. Just then Oyin saunters into the room and flops onto the bed. "Oh my, last night was so much fun...." No one says anythinhg, knowing Oyin, she would go on regardless. "Won't you guys ask me what happened?" she asks us. "oya" Moji says "what happened?" and Oyin launches into a tale of her exploits. Trust Pyin, she is never to tired for parols or of the gist thereafter. We smile obligatorily, ask a few questions and she shouts "Iya Mercy", hethe any-work lady who helps us get our meal. The lady arrives and she orders her regular 'amala and ewedu, with inu-eron'. 

Sometime later the girls start t trickle out one after the other and inside of me i start to panic cause i really don't want to atay alone in the room all weekend. "What are you doing today?" i ask Oyin, hoping that by some stroke of luck, he would consider not going out. "Oh, today is poetry portal and i'll be going. there is this fashion revolution thingy that they are doing and i'm so so going to be there" I shrug. So much for asking. "U wanna come?" she asks. iI hadn't quite thought about it sha.
"hmmm, are you sure it wont be too much trouble?"
"I'll talk to Oyinda" she says. Long story short, she does and its ok for me to come along. We prepare to go and soon we are on the island. Now, though it was an interesting story, that isn't the thrust of the story. The story begins when the show is over and it is time for us to leave. Oyin says that we can't go to school that we should go to Volar to party instead. Im in no mood to party but hey, i can be a good sport upon occasion so i tag along. A few hurs later i wished i hadn't.
We partied all night long and at 5ish, we decide to go back to the mainland. On third mainland bridge the car comes to a stop and we are stranded. We check for likely problems and discover that there is nop fuel in the car. with no station in  sight, we start up trhe car and drive with all the speed that the little fuel could muster till the car finally gave up at gbagada. By now, im scared outta my wits and it doesnt help that the guys with us are tellin stories of armed robbers and how gbagada is such a 'dangerous' place to be at night. I'm praying and calling on all the powers that be to deliver us from the situation we so sillyly put ourselves into. I'm too scared to sleep but im seriously tired as i've been up all day. Paul, the owner of the car (who is quite drunk, might i add) gets a jerrycan and proceeds to look for fuel. im wonder if he is sober enough to know where he is going much less find fuel. Oyin is gisting with another guy, Idam, and i tune them out, the need for sleep overpowering my initial fear. i doze off for a while and soon i feel the car moving. somehow we landed at Maryland, then at Tejuosho in Yaba. In my sleep im thinking "jeez babes, your mates are in chucrh worshipinh and you are crawling the streets of lagos". By now, im mentally crying for a bed. At Tejuosho, ee bunk at a friends place, sleep till we can sleep no more and finally around 11:30ish am, we head back to school. I've never been so happy to see the gates of University of lagos and when we get to Moremi, i scrub myself clean of all the accumulated make-up and grime.
Fear forgotten, we gist for a while and nod off and when i awake, Oyin had disappeared (as usual). There is a knock on the door and Moji Taiwo walks in. I check the time and it ia 7:30pm. She drops her things sighing and complaining of the conductor of the bus she entered. I smile at her story. she looks at me with a wierd expression on her face and asks me "How did poetry porter go yesterday?"
I smile as i reply "you do not want to know, babes, you really don't want to know"    

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