Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wedding

It was going to be the wedding of the century, one that would be talked about for a long time to come. The venue for the reception was the Tafawa Balewa square and everybody who was anybody was going to be there. She had taken the pains to plan every detail so that nothing would go wrong. Bridal gowns and accessories were imported from Pares, the wedding planner was one of the best, her work worth every naira paid. 'This is the way a Badejo daughter should be wed. In style' she thinks to herself. ' if I couldn't have a glamorous wedding then by all means, my daughter should have one' and she had made sure of that as everything about the wedding was fashion tabloid material. She smiled as she looked at her bedside clock. She still had a few hours to spare,she notices, as she walks towards the bathroom for her scented bath.

* * *

'What could possibly be wrong',he thought ' why isn't she with her phone?' he thinks as he paces the length of the room. He had been trying to get Ranti away from the bridal suite, all to no avail. He feels hot and cold all over and needs Ranti right now. He smiles to himself ' yeah, that babe is good for one hell of a release'. Shaking himself from his reverie, he flips his phone and starts to dial again. She doesn't pick. He has to control himself. He couldn't go through with this, he badly needed to 'ease' pent up 'frustrations'. “where the hell is Ranti?” he said to himself.
* * *

Ranti feels her phone vibrate again. She picks it and stares at the screen. Hidden number. Only Kunle hid his number to call her. He didn't want to take any chances. She had to find a way to leave the bridal suite without raising any eyebrows. She looks over to Bose is regaling everyone with the story of Kunle's proposal. She slowly makes her way to the door as the other girls ooh and ahhh at Bose's overtold tale. “ I need to go” she mumbles just in case anyone is listening. No one glances at her and she steps out of the suite and closes the door silently behind her, silently but quickly making her way to suite 102.

* * *

He starts at the knock on the door. He pauses for a while, moving oinly when the knock comes again. He was not expecting anyone so he makes his way to the door almost warily, securing his towel around his waist and praying it isn't any of the parents. It would be hard to a this bulge from inquisitive parents. He opens the door slightly.
'Yes', he asks.
'Open up' Ranti whispers from he other side. He opens the door and yanks her in and shuts the door behind her.
'What is this all about....' she starts.
'Shut up' he says and grabs her in a rough kiss, fumbling with her dress in the process.
'stop'. She starts but he doesn't listen. She struggles a bit and gives in. Its no use arguing, she wants him every bit as he wants her. The next few minutes were filled with grunts, groans and moans as both struggled to find their release.

* * *

“....and my best friend and chief bridesmaid was in on the surprise and didn't tell me anything. It was such a surprise”. She finishs with a flourish as wriggles her ring finger for the girls to see.
“oh my, Kunle is such a romantic. Chai! Emeka needs to come for lessons from him”....
… “Abi o, jeez, Bose, you are so lucky”.
Bose only smiles smugly. No, she wasn't lucky, luck was reserved for fools and misfits. She deserved everything she got and even more. Her wedding preparations, whew, glamorous but so freaking stressful. Thank God for her mum, and Ranti who shouldered most of the heavy work. She scans the faces of the girls in the room, ass kissers, every one of them. “where's Ranti” she asks, suddenly aware of her absence.
“ I think she stepped out briefly, checking up on last minute details”. Kehinde chimes.
“Aww, what a nice friend”, Jumoke adds “still running around making sure there are no last minute mess ups.”
Bose only smiles. He knew most of these girls were sycophants but they are necessary for passing across news of her glam wedding. Ranti is her only true friend. She sighs and smiles.
“ OK girls,” she claps “ its almost make up time”.

* * *

Everyone oohs and ahhs at the bridesmaids clothes, the decorations and finally the bride as she makes her way down the aisle. Mrs Badejo preens as people comment on the bride and the church.
“....she looks so radiant....”
“....expensive tastes, i'm amazed”....
“.....i must have the number of this planner. Really impeccable tastes”...
'Yes, yes,yes' she thinks to herself, 'everything is going to be perfect, simply splendid'.
The priest clears his throat and goes through the works, pausing for the couples reply but otherwise he drones on. Finally he says “ if there is any objection to this union, speak up now or forever hold your peace”.
The silence that follows hangs heavy in the room. It is almost as stifling as the heat which makes a silent mockery of the humming of the air conditioners. “What is wrong with this priest,' Mrs Badejo thinks ' its as if he is actually waiting for someone to speak up'.
Kunle glances away from his smiling bride, feeling uncomfortable with the lengthy silence. His gaze falls on Ranti who stood behind his bride. He feels his blood freeze over as she opens and closes her mouth like a lizard unsure of her decision. The look on his face makes Bose turn to face Ranti, who has by now raised her hand.
“what is it?” Bose asks, looking at Ranti.
“No” Kunle whispers behind Bose.
“I'm sorry” Ranti starts.....


  1. This piece... this piece right here is Beautiful! Why don't we hear anything about your posts? Abeg, you need to cross over to wordpress, blogger isn't doing your pieces any justice...

  2. Thanks, olatoxic, for taking the time to read. Good to know you enjoyed it. I've been battling with the decision of whether to migrate to word press or not. would I need to move all of this to word press or do I just leave them here???

  3. Moving your entire blog to wordpress is as asy as clicking on or two buttons! And it even moves your posts with the dates they were posted AND the comments on them as well! Now that's a win-win situation

  4. Nice...I like this... isn't there a continuation?